How to Engage Influencers at Your Event?

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The societal dynamics have changed significantly during the past few decades. There was a time when policymakers drove change through new policies, and teams were dispatched to move from door to door to educate and aware the people, yet nobody heard or accepted the message. Now, the influencers only need a post or story to spread the message of change and convince them too.

It will not be wrong to say that influencers have surpassed the popularity of celebrities and are now a household name that the younger generations want to follow and look up to. In such a scenario, the event organizers have a great edge in including them in events and attracting the target audience. However, making them sit at the front seat will not make a difference but engaging them will do.

If you are wondering about how you can engage influencers at your event, feel free to keep reading this article until the end and get detailed answers.

Top 7 Tips for Influencer Engagement at Events

A lot of people think that the presence of influencers is enough to show their association with some cause or brand. It does send the message; however, if you make an effort to engage them at an advanced level, it will surely boost the engagement and enjoyment level of the attendees. So, do not let go of this opportunity but utilize it effectively.

Here are some of the tried and tested tips that you can utilize for influencer engagement at your next event.

1: Organize Fan Meet-Ups

In recent times, influencers have become far more popular than celebrities and renowned people because they do not only invest their time in work and growing their fan base but also interact actively with them. You can use this as a perfect start and influencer engagement tip for your event by organizing fan meet-ups. It does require a lot of planning for which organizers hire event companies in Dubai and let experts curate an event experience around influencers.

2: Turn Influencers into Speakers

The best tip to engage influencers at your next event is to turn them into speakers. It will be more impactful than showing their mere presence at your event and association with you. Let the influencers share their journey, perception about your brand and its role in their life. The backstories for which the attendees are always eager will surely keep them glued to their seats and interested in the event.

3: Let Influencers Take over Your social media

This is the age of social media, which is undoubtedly the turf of influencers. So, if you are not letting the influencers take over your brand or event social media, you are definitely doing it all wrong. Not only during the event but even before it, let the influencers take over your social media accounts. It will help you spread the word about your event, as well as attract more attendees due to the fan power of influencers.

4: Get Influencers into Gamification

One of the best tips to engage influencers in your event is by involving them in gamification. Instead of just showing their presence at your event, let them play the games and actively take on the challenges. It will not only hype the interest of the attendees but will encourage them to explore and participate in the games to enjoy the real fun too.

5: Let Influencers Lead Exhibitions

If you are organizing a product launch, brand launch event, or even an exhibition, the best way of engaging influencers with your events is by letting them lead the exhibition. Let them take charge of showcasing your essentials, vision, and ideology to the live or virtual attendees and enjoy the spike in your target audience.

6: Organize Polls and Contests with Influencers

Another effective tip for engaging influencers at your event is by letting them organize polls and contests. These polls and contests can be before the event, and you can offer free event tickets to the winner. Moreover, you can use the contest during the event and present the winners with surprise gift hampers and other incentives that cultivate the interests of more and more people in your future events.

7: Setup Influencer Photo Session

The last and best way of engaging influencers at your events is setting up a photo session. The session can be of influencers only who walk the target audience through attractive spots of the event. Or you can even let the attendees get photographed with the influencers. You can hire event companies in Dubai to get influencers on board, set up a photo booth, and ensure perfect photography, which creates hype for your event.

Have you formulated an influencer engagement plan?

If you have not yet formulated a plan of influencer engagement at your event and are struggling with it, it can negatively impact your success. Avoid trying your luck at whatever you are not good at and get in touch with professional event organizers and let them take care of everything to ensure your event success.