Meet Raj Singh, Conservative candidate for Reading Central

Aged 39, he is a cyber security professional and Reading Borough Councillor for Kentwood in Tilehurst.

Claim to the area?

Reading is my home. I live, work and rest in Reading together with my wife and six-year-old son.

What are the three biggest challenges facing the people of Reading Central?

1) Lack of family housing

2) Poor state of the roads and anti-motorist policies implemented by the Labour-run Reading council, negatively impacting small businesses and residents on a daily basis.

3) Issues with health care and adult social care.

What causes will you be championing if elected as an MP?

I will be prioritising constituency issues over Westminster politics. My priorities for our town includes:

  • Revitalising our town centre, energising the local economy and supporting local businesses.
  • Improving our local healthcare and social care needs.
  • Champion policies for homes fit for the local needs.
  • More police and safer streets.
  • Holding Labour run Reading council to account.
  • Tackling Flooding and sewage issues.

Quick fire round:

What car do you drive? 

The 2014 Honda Civic. I’m fortunate to be fully compliant with ULEZ regulations.

What’s your favourite film or TV show? 

I’m all about movies with dinosaurs and Godzilla. When it comes to TV shows, I’m hooked on Game of Thrones and Dragons’ Den. Basically, if it’s got giant lizards or fire-breathing beasts, I’m in.

When was the last time you cried? 

As far as I can recall, I wept when my son was four years old because he was hospitalised due to poor health.

What’s your stance on drug legalisation, and have you ever taken any drugs in your past?

Based on my experience as a councillor, I have seen firsthand that drug abuse often leads to significant social issues such as crime, violence, and family breakdown. It is imperative that we consider an evidence-based approach when developing policies and contemplate the potential legalisation of cannabis for strictly medical purposes. Rather than pursuing criminal charges against individuals in possession of cannabis for personal use, priority should be given to providing support for their recovery and the imposition of civil penalties.

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