Reading: Graffiti artist behind ‘Cherish Love Hope’ spray to hold rock-hunt for bored residents

THE ARTIST behind the “Cherish, Love, Hope” graffiti spray in Reading is to host a rock-hunt for bored children in Reading this weekend.

Peachy, the person who confirmed they are the artist behind the second typewriter placed on Reading Bridge, similar to the now-painted-over Banksy piece on the Reading Gaol, set up the rock hunt for residents, he announced earlier this week.

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The ten rocks, which he has stencil-sprayed, will be hidden across Christchurch Meadows on Saturday and children have been tasked to go out and find them.

He has then said that whoever finds the rocks should confirm with him over social media, at which point they will receive a custom A4 painting on card, signed by ‘Peachy’.

Reading Chronicle:

The artist said to The Chronicle: “It was my idea to get kids doing something productive and to gain something from it rather than staying in playing computer games.

“Rocks will have stencil work on them but not designed them yet , there will be a photo uploaded to _peachyofficial [on Instagram] tomorrow [Saturday] evening.

“You just need to find one rock, one per person, and they will receive a painting after confirmation.

“This has already been uploaded to Instagram with amazing response so hopefully it gets everyone out enjoying themselves!”

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They added: “Reading needs more positive things happening and if we can get families out of the house, even for 30 minutes, then happy days!”

To submit your photograph of the found rock, message

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